Filesynced Codes – Working & Trending Filesynced Codes in August 2021

Are you looking for the trending & working filesynced codes? Then you are on the right page. In this post, I am going to provide the most popular and the best working codes in August 2021.

Filesynced is replacing the most popular app, filelinked. Users who are looking for movie apps to watch movies and TV shows should have file synced on their devices. This is available on all Android devices. Let’s check out the working codes for now.

working filesynced codes

Trending Filesynced Codes in August 2021:

Users should remember that these codes are updated on regular basis. Some of the codes that I provided before might not work. So please check this space for the updated codes.


The name of this store is “Filelinked Store”. Open the app and enter the above code to get access to the store. You can see all the movie apps in this. You can find your favorite movie apps like Cinema HD, Bee TV, and Cyberflix on this store.

filelinked store codes


This code belongs to the YouTuber LeeTVstuff. This has so many applications in it like Aptoide TV, Kodi, APK time and many more. The owner has not added any movie apps like Cinema HD or Cyberflix.

leetv filesynced codes


When you enter this code you will see apps that are good for Android TV and Nvidia Shield TV. If you are one of those users who have Nvidia Shield then it will be really useful for you.


The name of this store is DaBs Kodi Forks. This store has apps related to KODI. If you are using KODI looking for some decent apps, then this is your one-stop destination.


Scotty is the name given to this filesynced store. Scott might be the name of the creator. This has a lot of movie apps and their ad-free versions. There are more than 50 apps on this store.


This is one of the best hidden filesynced codes. As the creator told in his video, it is going to be the best code to find everything you need related to movie apps. The secret pin for this is 11111. You need to enter this 5 digit code to access the store.


This is one of the best codes for this month. You can find many apps on this store. The creator of this code said in his youtube video that more and more apps will be added in the future. Remember the code and you don’t need any private pin to enter the store.


You will see many ad-free apps in this store. Try this out yourself and see what is in the store for you. If you love the apps don’t forget to save the code because it will be useful for you.

FAQs about File synced Codes:

1. Can I create my own code using Filesynced?

Yes, anyone can create a store and add files to that. You cannot do that on the application. You need to visit the official site of filesynced for that.

2. Can I share my store with others?

Yes, you can share your apps or files with others. For that, you need to give them the code. They can use it on their device for access.

3. What is PIN protected code?

Users can access some stores when they have the code. But some creators have added an extra layer of security to their store. In order to do that, they added a 5 digit PIN. You can access the store when you have that pin with you.

4. Where can I find the trending codes?

You can visit this space for the latest and working codes. You can also find some codes in the app itself. There is a section called “Trending Codes”

5. Are these codes legal?

These are not hosted by Filesynced. These codes are created by random people. We recommend you to scan the files before you install them.

6. Are these apps in their stores legal?

There may be some legal apps and some illegal apps. Users have to verify before they install and use them.


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